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Welcome to Floxpat Petroleum & Energy Services LTD (FLOPES)

Floxpat Petroleum & Energy Services LTD (FLOPES) is an oil and gas engineering company specializing in flow assurance consultancy. The company provides petroleum, chemical and process engineering solutions to the international oil and gas industry. Our methodology is to link together key disciplines to provide practical and economic solutions, thus optimizing the decision making process during the critical conceptual phase of a development project. Our strategy is to attract, train, and retain the highest quality engineers, and to develop new standards in modeling software in order to deliver unparalleled development planning to support our customers.


  • Specialist Flow Assurance studies
  • Integrated flow assurance
  • De-bottlenecking
  • Multiphase boosting
  • Hydraulic design of multiphase gathering systems and pipelines
  • Integrated production modelling
  • Conceptual Planning
  • Field Development planning
  • Wet gas production
  • Gas and condensate production
  • Marginal field development
  • Multiphase flow meter
  • Multiphase flow pump
  • Heating
  • Oil & gas separation

  • Floxpat Petroleum & Energy Services (FLOPES) is proud to associate with the following professional bodies :

    Society of Petroleum Engineers Chemical Process Engineers    
    Flow Assurance Flow Assurance & Process Engineering Specialists